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EXIT Entering the Metaverse and Launching an Exclusive NFT Collection in Collaboration with Major Music Stars

ByПетър Ангелов

фев. 3, 2022

EXIT Festival enters the Metaverse and announces the presentation of unique digital art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. EXIT’s first NFT collection is being created in collaboration with major music stars of today and will be available in the next few weeks. All the news will first be published on EXIT’s Discord community, launched today, which you can join here. The fastest to join this community will receive an exclusive limited NFT series as a gift. These will be distributed only on this occasion and provide owners with exclusive content and other benefits, as well as a special status within EXIT’s digital community.

Most of the NFTs in EXIT’s collections will be made for use in the Multiverse, in the development of which EXIT is involved. In this exciting and innovative 3D web reality, powered by the latest technologies, musicians and authors will be placed at the centre of the music industry. In cooperation with the world’s leading IT companies, we are developing a community that will place artists and creatives at the epicentre of events through various platforms. This will give fans and those about to become fans unprecedented experiences and ways to interact and communicate.

In line with EXIT’s philosophy that live experiences are irreplaceable, the festival’s NFT collection will be multidimensional, as it will feature a specially created live experience in addition to cutting-edge digital art. This will bring with it many exciting surprises relating to the EXIT festival and its music stars, which few have had the opportunity to experience so far.

The launch of the NFT collection is also the result of cooperation between EXIT and SolSea, one of the world’s most famous internet platforms for trading non-fungible tokens, which was, incidentally, developed in Serbia. Through this cooperation, EXIT, as one of the leading brands in the global festival and music industry, provides support to the domestic IT and creative industries.

Another reason for choosing SolSea is its focus on the Solana blockchain, which is an incomparably more eco-friendly choice than the leading competitive blockchain ecosystems on which most of the NFT community is based, because it consumes less energy. Thus, one transaction in this cryptocurrency is energetically comparable to a regular Google search. In addition, Solana is incomparably faster and has far lower transaction costs compared to other blockchain ecosystems.

The NFTs will be available in the SolSea virtual store in a few weeks. The release date of the collection, information on the music stars with whom EXIT has collaborated on this project, and all other details, will first be shared within the EXIT Discord community.

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